Hotel Metropole****

(edycja polska)


Audioinstallation (9‘) with carpet, terry slippers, lightsign, dimensions variable, exhibition view at CabaneB, August 2018.

A hotel is a place of different cultures and serves as a temporary domicile. Nevertheless, there is hardly any exchange between its residents as one often retreats into the private room. Our constructed hotel room functions as control center and networking point: From here, the other rooms are entered acoustically. Here, the telephone line acts as a connection element - the individual hotel rooms are contacted by telephone calls. The phone calls disturb the intimate space of the hotel room but are at the same time the only possible approach from the headquarters to the various cells. The rooms are audibly networked.

Through the tripartite soundtrack, the different voices in the installation are brought into a dialogue. The floor of the exhibition space is fully covered in fitted carpet. Three speakers are facing each other. When entering the room, spectators are asked to put on terry slippers.