Isabelle Weber (she/her) is a visual and performing artist working with video, CGI, installation, sculpture and performance. Her art practice researches notions of digital ecology materialism with a strong interest in geopolitical circumstances and wealth-distribution in relation to raw materials, resource extraction, technological devices, and digitality. She is working on the question of how „rendering“ can be understood as a queer, quantum-entangled process and the cloud as a metaphor for a gaseous understanding of knowledge and knowledge appropriation.

She has worked as a freelance artistic director and is an active member of the collective of KEINRAUM, operating as curator and researcher. She studied Art & Mediation and Art History at University of Applied Sciences and University of Bern, Fine Arts at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (NL), worked as Digital Intern at Fotomuseum Winterthur with Marco De Mutiis and holds a MA Art Praxis from the Dutch Art Institute.

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